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PIP Program

Cross Border Transportation

PIP Program

Cross Border Transportation

What is PIP

Partners in Protection (PlP) is a cooperative program between private industry and the CBSA aimed at enhancing border and trade chain security. This voluntary program has no membership fee. lt is designed to streamline and make border processes more efficient for low-risk, pre-approved businesses recognized as trusted traders. Members must abide by the roles and responsibilities outlined in the (PlP) Terms and Conditions of membership. In return, the CBSA assesses the company’s physical, infrastructural, and procedural security, and recommends necessary improvements. This enhances the integrity of the company’s production, transportation, importation and/or exportation processes.

Why develop the Trusted Trader Portal

The Trusted Trader Portal will streamline the program’s application process by enabling companies to apply for PIP membership online, and to provide prospective members with access to timely updates on the progress of their application. Members will also maintain their company information through the Trusted Trader Portal. Using the portal to submit new information to the program will save members time and allow them to more easily fulfill their membership commitments. The Portal will serve as the foundation for future phases of Trusted Trader enhancements, including the streamlined exchange of program information between the Trusted Trader and the U.S. Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) portals.


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